Sunday, May 26, 2013

Going to try this again LOL

I know I keep saying it but I am going to keep trying to keep my blog updated. So since the last post we were nearing 700. Well we have met that goal and surpassed it. We are now on our way of hitting 1300. Some of the things we have done recently is we went to Illinois to do a power trail called Randall Romp which consisted of 168 caches.  We got together with some friends and rented a van and made the trip down there. We accomplished our goal of 168 all in one day. I do have to say it sure was a long day we left Milwaukee at 9:30 am and got to Illinois around 11:30 am.  We started caching and finished the route by 9:30 pm. So it was a long day but lots of fun and memories.  We attempted to do another road trip to Illinois for a numbers run but we only ended up with 68 caches as there were too many caches archived and the distance between the caches was more like miles instead of .10 tenth of a mile like the map made it look like.

Just recently I was asked by the land manager for Pike Lake state Park to put out a couple caches for some special needs kids along the Ice Age Trail. So I asked my friend Jack Whickey and Nancy Jo to join me in the fun as I hike down the trail. We ended up putting 6 caches in an approximately 2 mike hike. We also put 2 caches out on a ¼ mile trail that surrounds a bog and has some boardwalks. I heard from the land manager that the kids had a blast finding the containers and the prizes. He said he joined one group as they went out to find some of the caches and he said the kids faces lite up when the found them and got all excited when they found them. The teacher and parents all commented on the caches saying they were really nicely done and very well thought out. The teacher even called me and asked if I can help him mark out some coordinates for him at the high school so he can put some out there for them to find during the school year. I am excited to be a part of it. Now if I can only find a job where I do this year round and full time I would love it.

And more recently I went to a geo event at Hoyt Park hosted by fitbobcat aka John. For a young man he did a great job. The event was a donuts and coffee in Hoyt Park. And it turned out to be a really nice day for the event. He had lots of donuts, coffee and OJ. He even had gift bags for people to take along with door prizes. I even won one LOL I won a book “the complete idiots guide to geocaching” so now I will know everything and no more DNF’s LOL. I heard he got all of the prizes and other stuff donated to him by calling and emailing business for donations he did a very good job on it nice gift bags and prizes. Pictures of the event to come soon LOL.

On another note I got a new GPS’r. I got a new Garmin Oregon 550T. Meg got my new old Garmin Oregon 450T. And we both love them. I would highly recommend everyone getting one LOL.

For now that is all I will get back to recording my thoughts and stuff on a more regular basis, thanks for reading this if anyone does LOL.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

So to give everyone an update, we have been out caching and doing other things.  Since the last post we have increased our numbers and we are currently nearing 700.  We also attended the West Bend Ca$h Bash where we hung out with a bunch of friends and family.  The biggest thing is I have been out caching with a bunch of friends lately.  The friend I have been caching with the most is Scribble Scribe (Scott) we meet awhile back and we have hit it off and have become great friends and good caching partners.  We feed off each other and have the same sense of humor.  So that makes caching a blast.

Scott and I started a group on Facebook called Wild Bunch Geocachers.   It is basically a bunch of geocachers that like to go out caching.  We post stories, ask questions, and set up adventures.  The past couple months we have been setting up meeting times on Saturdays and we meet up and go caching. 

The past couple months when Meg has a craft fair Scott and I go out and go caching while she is selling her cards and stuff.  About a month ago we meet up with wickey7 (Jack) at a park in Brookfield, we started out at Wirth Park and cached that park out then we went to Fox Brook park and cached that one out also. It was a blast to get out and clean out those parks. They have been on my to do list for a long time. 

Most recently we went out yesterday and did a bunch of caches out at Lapham Peak State Park.  Scott picked me up in Brookfield and we drove to the park together.  We met Jack at the parking lot of the tower and got all ready to go out and grab caches.  The first one was an earth cache at the top of the tower.  I will have to email the cache owner and see if I can claim this as a find as my fear of heights got the better of me and I was unable to make it to the top.  One of these days I will make it there.  When Scott and Jack were at the top Scott got a phone call from Beezers958 (Brian) letting us know he was in the parking lot.  We met up with him and started to head out down the IAT (Ice Age Trail) with 2 hyper geo pups in tow.  I had such a blast with everyone we ended up walking about 5-6 miles and doing 11 caches total, 7 traditional, 2 puzzle and 2 earth caches.  Scott had to get me back to the craft fair so after all that hiking we didn’t get a chance to clear out the park.  Jack stayed back and cleared out the park lucky bastard LOL. I know I had a blast and will have to get out with the guys again and get back out there and clear it out.

Well that’s it for now will start to post more I swear I will do that LOL. Sorry no pictures I forgot my camera but I will start to bring it I swear. Well happy caching and see everyone on the trails.


Scrappy Scout

My Last Post

I have not been on in awhile but I just so happened to look and there was a draft of a blog sitting there. So I published it for everyone to read it is a little outdated but I had to publish it. Sorry for the delay but i am working on a new post today and will have it out later today. thanks for reading and I will have it out soon.

Scrappy Scout

Waukesha Janboree and Meet and Greet

Well it was Saturday January 23rd, it is a little cold out but we are ready forRemove Formatting from selection it. There was a pancake breakfast in the morning and a pizza greet at 12:00. We got to the pancake breakfast around 8:30 ish and we came in and say a lot of geocachers there. It was exciting to see all the people there. We had some of the pancake breakfast then headed over to the geocachers meet and greet. We saw AuntieNae who was running the presentation to the new geocachers and to people just getting into it. I have been to one of her presentations before and it was awesome very insightful, if you have never been to one look for it and go it is very good. We were waiting for No hands GPS he was supposed to meet me and give me some stickers for my GPS holder he made. But alas he didn’t show up. We ended up heading out to go do the new series that was just published earlier that morning along the Glacier Drumlin Trail. There were 23 new caches set out for everyone. So off we went I thought we were going to be one of the few people to get an early start on these, boy was I wrong LOL. When we got there we noticed there was a bunch of cars on the side of the road already. So we jumped out and loaded up the back pack and headed out.

We found the first one pretty easily due to all the foot prints in the snow. But the second one turned out to be a little bit harder. From what I heard on the trail a lot of people couldn’t find it. We just happened to find it because I ran into this on an earlier cache in which I couldn’t find and a friend Wywrdsn came with me one time and helped me out. SPOILER ALEART

We ended up doing 10 of the 23 we walked about 1.5 miles one way so we ended up turning around and headed back to the truck. One reason is because we wanted to try and find these without all the easiness of following the previous tracks. So we will be coming back I think next weekend to find the rest in which it will put us 2 away from 100 WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!! But good thing we headed back because halfway back I started to get shaky from not drinking enough water and my wife started to developed a migraine so we got to the truck and we went to the pizza place to meet up with Wywrdsn (which my wife has never meet) but we ended up staying for about 5 mins before the migraine started to hit really hard. We ended up not seeing Wywrdsn so we left later that night I signed on to face book and saw a message from Wywrdsn asking why we weren’t there ended up we were sitting on the opposite wall from them with a divider in between us. We hope you enjoyed this article still learning on what to write and I hope you like the pictures. Please let me know what you think and let me know of things you would like to see or make this blog better.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Have Not Done too Much..

Well I promised I was going to write more so here I am writing some stuff. I have not done too much caching, but I have done a couple. My wife AKA Scrappy she makes card and stuff. She had a craft fair in Menominee Falls at the high school so I planned on doing some caching while she was there. Well first I have to say I just started a new job at Wisconsin’s largest beer distributers. Funny thing is I don’t drink. But I work in the warehouse picking cases of beer. I work from 2:30 p.m. until lord knows when. So I have basically have become a vampire up all night with little sleep. Now back to our story well the craft fair was on Sunday and Saturday I did the worst thing I could have done I took a nap. So here I was sitting there at 4:30 in the morning and wide awake. We had to be at the craft fair early to set up and get everything ready. So here I was totally exhausted and sleepy as all get up. So after I helped set everything up I went out caching. Oh by the way I got a new GPS for my birthday I got a Garmin Oregon 450T. So far I love it and I love being completely paperless. we used to have a palm pilot for paperless caching but for some reason we always left the palm in the truck. so we were truly paperless when we got to the GZ we had no hints or anything to help us if we were having trouble. But again back to the story so my wife was all set up so I headed out and the day started out awesome I was  finding every cache I went for so far I was at about 7 caches when all of a sudden. BAMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!! no sleep hit me like a ton of bricks. Some of the caches the last person to look for it they couldn’t find it. So I was feeling good but when the lake of sleep hit me the next cache was a DNF then the next one then the next one so after about 4 DNF’s in a row. So I decided to call it quits. So I went back to the craft fair and the Packer game was on so I grabbed a chair and checked my eyelids for pin holes. All in all it was a great day. But I will post more again soon and keep you updated on what’s going on in Scrappy Scouts caching adventures.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

It Really Has been a Long Time

Well it really has been a long time. But we have been out caching since the last time I have posted something. Last time we were at about 330 caches and now we are up to 423 caches now. But a lot has changed since my last post. I have a new job working for a beer distributer her in Wisconsin. I have also given birth to a full grown person. I started a diet on January 7th of this year and since then I have lost a total of 130 lbs. so I basically have given birth to a full grown person. (Lol I think that is funny).

Back to the geo caching Meg and I have been caching in a couple areas one of the most recent places was High cliff State Park. We didn’t get many caches but we did do our first letter box cache. So that is cool. We have never done one before and this one was the first the caches is GC1Qvy6 Art See Park See Giuseppe. Very nicely done and we had a blast doing it. We did 7 caches and found 5 we had 2 DNF’s which bummed us a little but we had a really nice day at the park. Since I lost the weight I have been trying to do different things and since I am VERY scarred of heights I had to try and climb to the top of the tower there. I made it to the second platform when some kids about 6 or 8 came running up the stairs and the tower started to shake so that was it for me I had to do the walk of shame and climb back down. I got a nice picture of Scrappy while on the platform. Other than that it was an uneventful trip.

This is this is the tower at high cliff
There is Scrappy from where I am.

Just recently we went up to the Lefeber Boy Scout Camp in Crandon Wisconsin. We could only spend a weekend up there but if was a very good weekend. First we went up there on Friday stopped at the camp and unloaded all our stuff lucky for the fish it was windy or we would have been out there fishing. Not really because we had to meet up with some good friends who live in Mountain. Lucky people they are really living the Sweetlife there house is located in a wonderful area and is so pretty. Wish we could live there and everything. Oh by the way there geo caching name is Sweetlife. Ok so back onto the trip we went out for a nice dinner and sat there and talked and got to know each other better.

The next morning we got up to go out for breakfast and grab a few caches in the area since the last time we where here the cache population has grown and so have we. Last time we were here we would have spent most of the day sleeping and being lazy this year we had a packed weekend we didn’t nap at all we kept moving and doing something. But we went out for breakfast and a new cache popped up by our friends Sweetlife and it was only 4 miles to the location so we said hell on breakfast lets grab it how many times you get an FTF in the Northwood’s of Wisconsin. As we pull up there is construction they are building a new cell tower or something it was kind of neat to see it so we pulled back the barricades and parked and went in for the grab. We made the find and low and behold blank log so we signed it and left the area. This was on GC35E23 Sugar Bush Fire Tower. So pretty I can’t stop saying that. Pictures to follow soon have to get them off Scrappy's camera lol. We then went to breakfast and it was oh so yummy. Wish we could find a place like this in Milwaukee. But we went out and cached the rest of the morning and found 12 caches.

Sunday was filled with fishing. As the weather was still a bit windy and warm it was 75 or 80 all weekend very unusual for Wisconsin this time of year normal highs are 50 to 60 degrees. So the fish were not biting that much even the pan fish were not hungry and those little piranhas usually eat all the time. But we relaxed and had a wonderful day together as we tried to fish we saw an eagle and heard lots of birds. Oh and there were 2 loons on the lake (and I don’t mean Scrappy and I lol). That night before the packer game we ran into Laona for some soda to watch the game. We used the Nuvi which we call Bobert to get us there and since we were up in the great Northwood’s all the roads were fire roads. So we get to the gas station and we got our soda and headed back. And on our way back we turn a corner and this big black bear is running into the woods. This is the first black bear Scrappy has seen up here. So she got to see her first wild black bear here.

So Monday comes along and of course the lake looks like a sheet of glass and everything is still and quite all you hear are the loons singing on the lake. As we head out to go fishing we are looking at the shore lines and there were 3 deer a doe and 2 yearlings drinking in the lake. Everything was so pretty and relaxing. So we are fishing and then we come around a corner Scrappy see something with a white butt and tail go flying into the woods. And a short time later I hear this grunt and snort and a weird yell. I think it was an elk because I don’t think a deer makes that kind of sound. But after awhile we had to start packing up to head home. Sad time for us, because we both wanted to stay there forever live in the cabin on that lake and we would be living the Sweetlife lol. But we loaded up the truck and started our drive, we had one cache we had to get that our other friends put out before we left we left at 11:30 A.M... But as we were driving we noticed that just off the road there were a couple caches so of course we parked the truck on a hunters trail and started off to go grab them. As we marked the truck I noticed we forgot the camera and no blaze orange so no pictures, sad but maybe next time. As we walked down the trail the original cache kept getting further and further away and a different was closer so we basically kept walking we finally hit the trail we decide due to time we go 2 caches down one way the 2 caches back the other way out of the 4 we got 3 not bad there are a total of 35 caches on this particular trail. We then get back to the truck and notice the time it was 12:30 we walked for a whole hour and didn’t notice. So now we get back to driving home and we kept looking and sure enough a cache is close lets grab it. We didn’t get really started on our way home until 2:30 when we both said that’s it turn off all GPS’S and lets get headed home. 

Just a slight breeze when were leaving to go home.


We then hit Osh Kosh and holy crap bumper to bumper stopped traffic due to construction when will people learn when it says 2 right lanes closed move over why wait to the last minute long story short we made it home by 6:30P.M. So a 3 and half hour trip took us 7 hours. Not too bad. Lucky for me I now work 2nd shift so I could sleep in a bit bad thing for Scrappy she had to get up early the next morning for work. But what a wonderful trip I would do it all over again in a heart beat. Well that’s it for now more to come I will be updating this blog more. Keep on caching and have fun.


Clowning Around lol

Friday, April 8, 2011

It has been a long time.

Well it has been a long time but a lot has changed in my life. First off I am still looking for a good job which is kind of bumming me out. I do have a part time job working for goodwill industries but it is part time and I need full time. But I have other news too. We finally hit 300 caches so that exciting. The other big news is I started a diet plan (just in case people didn’t know I am over weight). We started the diet on January 7th this was the first day of it. It is called HMR and you basically drink at least 3 shakes a day and have at least 2 of there meals but more is better. And so far since I started I have lost 81 lbs on it. It feels so awesome to have a bunch of energy to do things and not be so lazy. I am hoping to buy a bike sometime soon and go biking to get even more exercise in. so I will keep everyone updated on what’s happening. Well this is a short post for now will add more later.