Friday, April 8, 2011

It has been a long time.

Well it has been a long time but a lot has changed in my life. First off I am still looking for a good job which is kind of bumming me out. I do have a part time job working for goodwill industries but it is part time and I need full time. But I have other news too. We finally hit 300 caches so that exciting. The other big news is I started a diet plan (just in case people didn’t know I am over weight). We started the diet on January 7th this was the first day of it. It is called HMR and you basically drink at least 3 shakes a day and have at least 2 of there meals but more is better. And so far since I started I have lost 81 lbs on it. It feels so awesome to have a bunch of energy to do things and not be so lazy. I am hoping to buy a bike sometime soon and go biking to get even more exercise in. so I will keep everyone updated on what’s happening. Well this is a short post for now will add more later.


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