Saturday, October 15, 2011

It Really Has been a Long Time

Well it really has been a long time. But we have been out caching since the last time I have posted something. Last time we were at about 330 caches and now we are up to 423 caches now. But a lot has changed since my last post. I have a new job working for a beer distributer her in Wisconsin. I have also given birth to a full grown person. I started a diet on January 7th of this year and since then I have lost a total of 130 lbs. so I basically have given birth to a full grown person. (Lol I think that is funny).

Back to the geo caching Meg and I have been caching in a couple areas one of the most recent places was High cliff State Park. We didn’t get many caches but we did do our first letter box cache. So that is cool. We have never done one before and this one was the first the caches is GC1Qvy6 Art See Park See Giuseppe. Very nicely done and we had a blast doing it. We did 7 caches and found 5 we had 2 DNF’s which bummed us a little but we had a really nice day at the park. Since I lost the weight I have been trying to do different things and since I am VERY scarred of heights I had to try and climb to the top of the tower there. I made it to the second platform when some kids about 6 or 8 came running up the stairs and the tower started to shake so that was it for me I had to do the walk of shame and climb back down. I got a nice picture of Scrappy while on the platform. Other than that it was an uneventful trip.

This is this is the tower at high cliff
There is Scrappy from where I am.

Just recently we went up to the Lefeber Boy Scout Camp in Crandon Wisconsin. We could only spend a weekend up there but if was a very good weekend. First we went up there on Friday stopped at the camp and unloaded all our stuff lucky for the fish it was windy or we would have been out there fishing. Not really because we had to meet up with some good friends who live in Mountain. Lucky people they are really living the Sweetlife there house is located in a wonderful area and is so pretty. Wish we could live there and everything. Oh by the way there geo caching name is Sweetlife. Ok so back onto the trip we went out for a nice dinner and sat there and talked and got to know each other better.

The next morning we got up to go out for breakfast and grab a few caches in the area since the last time we where here the cache population has grown and so have we. Last time we were here we would have spent most of the day sleeping and being lazy this year we had a packed weekend we didn’t nap at all we kept moving and doing something. But we went out for breakfast and a new cache popped up by our friends Sweetlife and it was only 4 miles to the location so we said hell on breakfast lets grab it how many times you get an FTF in the Northwood’s of Wisconsin. As we pull up there is construction they are building a new cell tower or something it was kind of neat to see it so we pulled back the barricades and parked and went in for the grab. We made the find and low and behold blank log so we signed it and left the area. This was on GC35E23 Sugar Bush Fire Tower. So pretty I can’t stop saying that. Pictures to follow soon have to get them off Scrappy's camera lol. We then went to breakfast and it was oh so yummy. Wish we could find a place like this in Milwaukee. But we went out and cached the rest of the morning and found 12 caches.

Sunday was filled with fishing. As the weather was still a bit windy and warm it was 75 or 80 all weekend very unusual for Wisconsin this time of year normal highs are 50 to 60 degrees. So the fish were not biting that much even the pan fish were not hungry and those little piranhas usually eat all the time. But we relaxed and had a wonderful day together as we tried to fish we saw an eagle and heard lots of birds. Oh and there were 2 loons on the lake (and I don’t mean Scrappy and I lol). That night before the packer game we ran into Laona for some soda to watch the game. We used the Nuvi which we call Bobert to get us there and since we were up in the great Northwood’s all the roads were fire roads. So we get to the gas station and we got our soda and headed back. And on our way back we turn a corner and this big black bear is running into the woods. This is the first black bear Scrappy has seen up here. So she got to see her first wild black bear here.

So Monday comes along and of course the lake looks like a sheet of glass and everything is still and quite all you hear are the loons singing on the lake. As we head out to go fishing we are looking at the shore lines and there were 3 deer a doe and 2 yearlings drinking in the lake. Everything was so pretty and relaxing. So we are fishing and then we come around a corner Scrappy see something with a white butt and tail go flying into the woods. And a short time later I hear this grunt and snort and a weird yell. I think it was an elk because I don’t think a deer makes that kind of sound. But after awhile we had to start packing up to head home. Sad time for us, because we both wanted to stay there forever live in the cabin on that lake and we would be living the Sweetlife lol. But we loaded up the truck and started our drive, we had one cache we had to get that our other friends put out before we left we left at 11:30 A.M... But as we were driving we noticed that just off the road there were a couple caches so of course we parked the truck on a hunters trail and started off to go grab them. As we marked the truck I noticed we forgot the camera and no blaze orange so no pictures, sad but maybe next time. As we walked down the trail the original cache kept getting further and further away and a different was closer so we basically kept walking we finally hit the trail we decide due to time we go 2 caches down one way the 2 caches back the other way out of the 4 we got 3 not bad there are a total of 35 caches on this particular trail. We then get back to the truck and notice the time it was 12:30 we walked for a whole hour and didn’t notice. So now we get back to driving home and we kept looking and sure enough a cache is close lets grab it. We didn’t get really started on our way home until 2:30 when we both said that’s it turn off all GPS’S and lets get headed home. 

Just a slight breeze when were leaving to go home.


We then hit Osh Kosh and holy crap bumper to bumper stopped traffic due to construction when will people learn when it says 2 right lanes closed move over why wait to the last minute long story short we made it home by 6:30P.M. So a 3 and half hour trip took us 7 hours. Not too bad. Lucky for me I now work 2nd shift so I could sleep in a bit bad thing for Scrappy she had to get up early the next morning for work. But what a wonderful trip I would do it all over again in a heart beat. Well that’s it for now more to come I will be updating this blog more. Keep on caching and have fun.


Clowning Around lol

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