Sunday, May 26, 2013

Going to try this again LOL

I know I keep saying it but I am going to keep trying to keep my blog updated. So since the last post we were nearing 700. Well we have met that goal and surpassed it. We are now on our way of hitting 1300. Some of the things we have done recently is we went to Illinois to do a power trail called Randall Romp which consisted of 168 caches.  We got together with some friends and rented a van and made the trip down there. We accomplished our goal of 168 all in one day. I do have to say it sure was a long day we left Milwaukee at 9:30 am and got to Illinois around 11:30 am.  We started caching and finished the route by 9:30 pm. So it was a long day but lots of fun and memories.  We attempted to do another road trip to Illinois for a numbers run but we only ended up with 68 caches as there were too many caches archived and the distance between the caches was more like miles instead of .10 tenth of a mile like the map made it look like.

Just recently I was asked by the land manager for Pike Lake state Park to put out a couple caches for some special needs kids along the Ice Age Trail. So I asked my friend Jack Whickey and Nancy Jo to join me in the fun as I hike down the trail. We ended up putting 6 caches in an approximately 2 mike hike. We also put 2 caches out on a ¼ mile trail that surrounds a bog and has some boardwalks. I heard from the land manager that the kids had a blast finding the containers and the prizes. He said he joined one group as they went out to find some of the caches and he said the kids faces lite up when the found them and got all excited when they found them. The teacher and parents all commented on the caches saying they were really nicely done and very well thought out. The teacher even called me and asked if I can help him mark out some coordinates for him at the high school so he can put some out there for them to find during the school year. I am excited to be a part of it. Now if I can only find a job where I do this year round and full time I would love it.

And more recently I went to a geo event at Hoyt Park hosted by fitbobcat aka John. For a young man he did a great job. The event was a donuts and coffee in Hoyt Park. And it turned out to be a really nice day for the event. He had lots of donuts, coffee and OJ. He even had gift bags for people to take along with door prizes. I even won one LOL I won a book “the complete idiots guide to geocaching” so now I will know everything and no more DNF’s LOL. I heard he got all of the prizes and other stuff donated to him by calling and emailing business for donations he did a very good job on it nice gift bags and prizes. Pictures of the event to come soon LOL.

On another note I got a new GPS’r. I got a new Garmin Oregon 550T. Meg got my new old Garmin Oregon 450T. And we both love them. I would highly recommend everyone getting one LOL.

For now that is all I will get back to recording my thoughts and stuff on a more regular basis, thanks for reading this if anyone does LOL.

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