Sunday, September 16, 2012

So to give everyone an update, we have been out caching and doing other things.  Since the last post we have increased our numbers and we are currently nearing 700.  We also attended the West Bend Ca$h Bash where we hung out with a bunch of friends and family.  The biggest thing is I have been out caching with a bunch of friends lately.  The friend I have been caching with the most is Scribble Scribe (Scott) we meet awhile back and we have hit it off and have become great friends and good caching partners.  We feed off each other and have the same sense of humor.  So that makes caching a blast.

Scott and I started a group on Facebook called Wild Bunch Geocachers.   It is basically a bunch of geocachers that like to go out caching.  We post stories, ask questions, and set up adventures.  The past couple months we have been setting up meeting times on Saturdays and we meet up and go caching. 

The past couple months when Meg has a craft fair Scott and I go out and go caching while she is selling her cards and stuff.  About a month ago we meet up with wickey7 (Jack) at a park in Brookfield, we started out at Wirth Park and cached that park out then we went to Fox Brook park and cached that one out also. It was a blast to get out and clean out those parks. They have been on my to do list for a long time. 

Most recently we went out yesterday and did a bunch of caches out at Lapham Peak State Park.  Scott picked me up in Brookfield and we drove to the park together.  We met Jack at the parking lot of the tower and got all ready to go out and grab caches.  The first one was an earth cache at the top of the tower.  I will have to email the cache owner and see if I can claim this as a find as my fear of heights got the better of me and I was unable to make it to the top.  One of these days I will make it there.  When Scott and Jack were at the top Scott got a phone call from Beezers958 (Brian) letting us know he was in the parking lot.  We met up with him and started to head out down the IAT (Ice Age Trail) with 2 hyper geo pups in tow.  I had such a blast with everyone we ended up walking about 5-6 miles and doing 11 caches total, 7 traditional, 2 puzzle and 2 earth caches.  Scott had to get me back to the craft fair so after all that hiking we didn’t get a chance to clear out the park.  Jack stayed back and cleared out the park lucky bastard LOL. I know I had a blast and will have to get out with the guys again and get back out there and clear it out.

Well that’s it for now will start to post more I swear I will do that LOL. Sorry no pictures I forgot my camera but I will start to bring it I swear. Well happy caching and see everyone on the trails.


Scrappy Scout

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