Sunday, September 16, 2012

Waukesha Janboree and Meet and Greet

Well it was Saturday January 23rd, it is a little cold out but we are ready forRemove Formatting from selection it. There was a pancake breakfast in the morning and a pizza greet at 12:00. We got to the pancake breakfast around 8:30 ish and we came in and say a lot of geocachers there. It was exciting to see all the people there. We had some of the pancake breakfast then headed over to the geocachers meet and greet. We saw AuntieNae who was running the presentation to the new geocachers and to people just getting into it. I have been to one of her presentations before and it was awesome very insightful, if you have never been to one look for it and go it is very good. We were waiting for No hands GPS he was supposed to meet me and give me some stickers for my GPS holder he made. But alas he didn’t show up. We ended up heading out to go do the new series that was just published earlier that morning along the Glacier Drumlin Trail. There were 23 new caches set out for everyone. So off we went I thought we were going to be one of the few people to get an early start on these, boy was I wrong LOL. When we got there we noticed there was a bunch of cars on the side of the road already. So we jumped out and loaded up the back pack and headed out.

We found the first one pretty easily due to all the foot prints in the snow. But the second one turned out to be a little bit harder. From what I heard on the trail a lot of people couldn’t find it. We just happened to find it because I ran into this on an earlier cache in which I couldn’t find and a friend Wywrdsn came with me one time and helped me out. SPOILER ALEART

We ended up doing 10 of the 23 we walked about 1.5 miles one way so we ended up turning around and headed back to the truck. One reason is because we wanted to try and find these without all the easiness of following the previous tracks. So we will be coming back I think next weekend to find the rest in which it will put us 2 away from 100 WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!! But good thing we headed back because halfway back I started to get shaky from not drinking enough water and my wife started to developed a migraine so we got to the truck and we went to the pizza place to meet up with Wywrdsn (which my wife has never meet) but we ended up staying for about 5 mins before the migraine started to hit really hard. We ended up not seeing Wywrdsn so we left later that night I signed on to face book and saw a message from Wywrdsn asking why we weren’t there ended up we were sitting on the opposite wall from them with a divider in between us. We hope you enjoyed this article still learning on what to write and I hope you like the pictures. Please let me know what you think and let me know of things you would like to see or make this blog better.

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